Recess Family

80′ eclectic pop rock music.

De Palma is a time traveling act that merges their contemporary rock/pop and post-grunge upbringing with the inventiveness of frontman Magdiel Montano, whose creative outlet pours dark-wave synths and ambient guitars into an energetic interpretation of his own sound. Although born in Mexico, Magdiel was mostly raised in New York before moving to California at age 16. His family recalls him showing interest in singing, dancing and even writing music since he was a child. Growing up he learned how to write his own songs using the family guitar and piano; often inspired by artists such as The Cure, Depeche Mode and Radiohead. Once in California, a local musical crowd had noticed him for his abilities on the drums, which he had more recently learned. This led him to joining the band “York” in 2010. With them he toured along the west coast of the country, and returned with expanded ideas about music and his life. Now In “DE PALMA”, where Magdiel is the primary songwriter, we see a true experimentation of styles he has encountered throughout his journey, and products like his newest single “BLOOD”, which display a fun yet raw transformation of 80’s nostalgia.

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