Our Mission

Serving Orange County, CA since 2012 we have made it our sole mission to provide musicians with up to date equipment, a clean safe work environment, and centralized location just minutes away from John Wayne Airport.  Music Rehearsal and Recording Studios

We strive to go above and beyond in giving you the tools and foundation to grow as musicians, artists, and creatives alike. Priding ourselves in excellent customer service, optimal room acoustics, and supporting bands/brands through various promotional outlets. If this sounds like a place you would appreciate then let us be the catalyst to your success.

Please feel free to contact us about hourly studio rental and long term availability.

Room Construction

Our Orange County Rehearsal Studio is built from the ground up with a main emphasis on isolation (sound proofing), acoustics (sound quality), and room space within. Music Rehearsal and Recording Studio

In order to achieve this we brought in studio builder Herman Virgin of Acoustic Treatment Services.  He has worked with people like G-Eazy, Ari Levine, Beau Burchell of Saosin, Snapchat, and many other industry names.  With his expertise we were able to achieve ample room isolation through double drywall and double wall construction, proper room dimensions, and over 4 feet of air gap in between each room. Once the isolation was addressed it was time to move on to the acoustic properties within the rooms.

Room Acoustics

Often overlooked, room acoustics deal with the sound quality inside of a room or space.  Smaller rooms usually need more dampening because sound waves produced by our voices, instruments, etc. have less time to dissipate before reflecting back off hard surfaces like walls.  Sound absorption can be achieved in many ways, most commonly in the form of acoustic panels. Usually these panels are mounted on top of drywall in the early reflection zones. In our case we went above and beyond individual acoustic panels and built full on acoustic walls and ceiling clouds. Resulting in some of the cleanest sounding rehearsal studios in Orange County or maybe even the west coast for that matter.

Fully Equipped Rooms

Geared towards making your life easier, all four hourly rehearsal rooms come fully equipped with high quality backline and PA system.  Simply show up, plug in and play.