Recording Studio

We are proud to announce the newest addition to Recess Studios!  Our previous check in office has been demoed and converted into an isolated recording studio.  Featuring double wall construction, tuned room acoustics, and ample mood lighting with LEDs make for the perfect mix environment.

We also took it one step further and incorporated one of our larger rehearsal rooms into the new recording space as well. This was achieved by routing multiple cables from the recording side into Studio B which were then integrated into a 16 channel, wall mounted input box.  The recording studio patch bay allows for quick and easy live tracking, re-amping and rehearsal session recording.

Our studio computer is equipped with industry standard DAWs such as Pro-Tools, Logic, and multiple high end plug-ins. Some of these plug-ins include brands like Izotope, Native Instruments, Waves, Synchro Arts, Arturia, etc… With three sets of interchangeable studio monitors, engineers can play back recorded audio through multiple sonic reference points for that perfect mix.

The microphone locker is always growing and currently consists of a wide variety of dynamic and condenser microphones for any application from podcasting to instrument recording. All of this paired with our lead Engineer whom is a Musician Institute graduate, the possibilities are truly endless.