Wall Stretch Fabric Systems

Wall stretch fabric

We have a┬áseparate division with in Recess Studios called Iso-Clear Acoustics, dedicated to sound proofing, wall stretch fabric installations, and custom acoustic panels. The process of studio construction for anything “sound” related, can be complicated for most general contractors to fully understand. However, after many years of working in this niche industry, we have developed the skillset and knowledge to achieve proper sound proof construction/tuned room acoustics. Having a small team of skilled dedicated carpenters, electricians, drywallers, fabric installers, and designers make for a quick and efficient work flow.

Wall stretch fabric systems have their advantage in covering a larger area of square footage to reduce unwanted ambient noise in both commercial and residential settings while maintaining a more clean stock finish. Iso-Clear Acoustics specializes in acoustical consulting, general contracting, studio design, and wall stretch fabric installations. Whether you are trying to sound proof a studio environment or reduce unwanted ambient room noise in you office space, we do it all.

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