We build Acoustic Panels

Frame-less Acoustic Panels-Orange County

(Pictured above is the Los Rios Rock School featuring our frame-less acoustic panels)

The purpose of acoustic panels is to reduce reflected sound, dampen unwanted echo, and reverberation (by as much as 60%) in a properly treated space. Our acoustical sound panels are frame-less, lightweight, rigid, designed and hand-made in Santa Ana California.

Frame-less Broadband Acoustic Wall Panels

The Recess Acoustics Frame-less Broadband Acoustic Panel is a professionally constructed sound absorbent rigid core that is broadband in nature – meaning they deal with the entire frequency range. Our Frame-less acoustic panel does not use a typical style wood frame that you would get with most companies or DIY applications. This results in a much lighter product, weighing in at only 5.2lbs for our standard 2’x4’x2″sized wall panel.

How does it work? Acoustic panels are sound absorbing products, not soundproofing products. Meaning rather than blocking out sound coming from outside your space, they act as a giant sonic sponge, soaking up all unwanted noise and echo inside your space creating a more comforting listening environment.

Choose from a collection of high-quality acoustic fabrics by Guilford of Maine to match your room’s current décor or opt to custom art panel to create a new focal point in your space.

We take pride in building well built, high-quality panels that will last. We reinforce the shape of your acoustic panel and then wrap you preferred fabric around the panel for a smooth, finished look.

Each acoustic panel is proudly assembled, with care, by the hands of our talented production team right here in Orange County, California.